Suffering without catharsis is wasted pain

The quote is from Elizabeth Gilbert, one of my main mentors, and a interview she had with Oprah on Super Soul Sunday. They were discussing the hero's journey and the unavoidable change that comes from struggles in our lives. 

I do think that pain is inevitable and that suffering is optional. Optional, however, does not mean, it's very easy to move away from it. We are having a human experience, and so, we suffer. But both our pain and the suffering our resistance creates, come bearing a message. There is always a hidden treasure in pain. 

We get the lessons we need in life to evolve and change into the people we need to be to do what we need to do. If we resist the change, however, the same lesson will come again, but in a different shape. 

So, next time life serves you lemons, ask yourself this: How do I need to change right now? What do I need to learn? Then, be as diligent student as you can. Learn with curiosity. And remember, the only constant is change. 

With all my love,


Curiosity saved my life

I did a speech the other day on this very theme, how curiosity saved my life. Even though it sounds like a flashy tagline I believe it's also the truth. I think curiosity has saved many people's life. They say it's the opposite of depression and depression kills so when curiosity shows up your probably on your way out of the really dark woods. 

For me, it was when my doctors seemed to have given up on me that I magically got a hold of my own curiosity Thank God for that. That's when I took the power over my life back by taking responsibility for all in it. That's when I started investigating alternative solutions. That's when I curiously started listening to my inner guidance system.

I wouldn't have found my way out if it wasn't for curiosity. I never take it for granted and I so enjoy the feeling! 

With all my love,


Befriending your triggers

What if we would change our perspective on triggers? What if they are actually there to teach us something we need to know? What if it's a really good thing they don't go away until we've learned what we need to learn? 

That colleague that always trigger you to get so annoyed. The family member that always knows how to push your buttons. Those kinds of people that just pisses you off. Everyone is your teacher. 

That situation that you always find yourself in, that just gets you so upset. Those circumstances that seems to be yours for life, that you just want to get out of. That place that just makes you feel uncomfortable. Every situation offers something new to learn. 

Embrace your triggers. Look at them with curiosity. Thank them for catching your attention. Then ask yourself; what do I need to learn here that I haven't yet figured out? 

With all my love,