In the perspective of eternity

It's easy to get overwhelmed in this human experience. We look at everything we have going on. We engage in our own drama. We feel fully. We get caught up in what everyone else is doing. We compare. 

When I need some perspective to my own stuff. I contemplate eternity. Given we are spiritual beings, having a human experience, eternity isn't that far fetched. We're here for such a short period of time. My current life, in contrast to all, is not that significant. It doesn't mean it's not important, of course it is, but it's not that big of a deal really. 

Always, when I take this perspective, I feel such compassion for our species and for myself. We work so hard. We push and strive. We always try our best. We fail, often. We hurt ourselves and each other. And we forgive. We compare ourselves to others. We think and we feel and we get completely lost in our everyday life. 

On top of this we wonder if we need to buy a sofa. If we'll make the work deadline. We worry what other people will think of our kids. We plan the next vacation and use our credit card to fill some kind of void. We long for a cup of coffee and we forget to call mom. We skip the stretching, again and we obsess about that new Netflix series. 

So. Much. Compassion. The things we do. In the perspective of eternity. 

With all my love,