Your joy and service are the same

I once had the opportunity to ask one of my main mentors, Gabby Bernstein, about a paradox I was trying to get my head around. 

Some say you should focus you energy on the service of others and some say it should focus on what brings you joy - isn't there a contradiction? 

This is what she answered:

When you're in joy you are connected to source, that's why it's not about you. You are a conduit letting source move through you. When it's all about you people feel that and it's blocking you. Be in the light of the joy of what you're here to bring. It isn't about you and you should be in what lights you up.

I love this. There is a paradox in most things in life, but they don't have to contradict. What you are seeking is seeking you. And what you seek is ultimately connection to source because that's where you find true joy. 

Know that your purpose here in life in deeply connected to your joy, and when you follow your joy you will be of service to the world. 

With all my love,


It's in connection that we know our soul

I'm all about connecting in, listening and closing our eyes to the world so that we can open them up to our inside world. We need that. But we also need the opposite. Connection out, listening to others and really opening our eyes to the outer world. 

We're meant to connect with others, no human thrives from isolation. Sure, isolation is short periods can be really benefiting to the individual because we get a chance to quiet down, listen in and connect to ourselves. To really know and meet ourselves. But, sometimes we do this better with others. 

The trick is to find the balance. Dare to pause and be with ourselves, to then go out and share what we've learned with others, and listen to their insights. 

Have you found your balance? Connection to yourself and to others? 

With all my love,