Letting people see the darkness

As you probably know if you read these posts regularly, one of my themes of development right now is self-compassion. Something made the insight of what it practically means land in me a few weeks ago. After one of those meaningful insights there always a re-orientation happening in the weeks following. It's as if everything needs to be looked at again but from a new perspective. 

Where my weakness lies I don't want to let others in because that's where I can't love myself. And where I can't love myself I find it unlikely that anyone else would. This is a real dilemma since no one can show me I'm lovable until I give them a chance to love me everywhere and I find it hard to let anyone in where I don't love myself.

I have a strong inkling this is one of the main themes of my next book. I'll let you in on my progress and hopefully, I'll also let you in to my weakness.

With all my love,


What if your obstacle is your to-do?

Looking ahead into a brand New Year to come, most of us set goals in both business and personal life. I try to live by my Core Desire Feelings but still, I realize that concrete goals help me structure my business in a way that feels really good to me. 

Our goals sometimes feel far away or as if we can't reach them because there's too much blocking us. Too many obstacles. But what if the obstacles we perceive is just a to-do and not an obstacle at all. Let me give you some examples.

My goal is to write a book but I don't know how to write/ publish/ edit/ structure it so I can't. Therefore my first to-do is to learn how to write/ publish/ edit/ structure. 

My goal is to find a house by the water but I don't know where to find it/ don't have the money. Therefore my to-do is to ask someone if they know of good locations, good brokers etc/ figure out a way to save/ make the money I need. 

My goal is to heal my body to full functionality and no pain but I don't think I can/ don't know how it works/ don't believe in its ability. Therefore my to-do is to find inspiration, information and build the faith I need to tap/ leave room for the body's self-healing powers. 

Whatever goal your aiming at in the new year - don't focus on the obstacle, realize what you need to do to get there and take small daily action in the right direction. 

And just a reminder, make sure you get to feel today the way that goal would make you feel in the future. 

With all my love,


The relief of the paradox

I've always been intrigued and frustrated about the both and more. My rational mind has always tried to figure out which one it is and find a way to stay with that. But in recent years I'm feeling more and more intrigued, and less frustrated. This is short excerpt from my book Pure Personal Power - tools to collect on a healing journey. 

Life is hard and beautiful. Pain is inevitable but you don’t have to suffer. What is difficult when life’s difficult is easy when life’s easy. Strive to always feel better and let go. Always focus on understanding others and set very clear boundaries. Have a clear vision of where you want to go and be where you are. We need other people and we need to be able to be alone.  Have faith that you are taken care of and do the work. Put yourself first and focus on service to others. Know your truth and be open to changing your mind. Set high standards and enjoy the simple things. Follow your heart and use your head.  Be fully in this world and know this is not all there is.

With all my love,