Don't let your ego take over

We all have ego. It's neither good or bad, it just is. But we don't want our ego to run the show all together. 

I did a high profile project recently. Right after I felt a sting of disappointment with myself. My ego laser focusing on the details I could have done differently. The things I should or shouldn't have said. So tiring. I realized this was my ego being caught up in a loop, chewing on its favorite chew toy, my performance and perfection. 

So, I deliberately chose to change focus. What was the feedback from the audience? How did my client feel about my delivery? Did I help someone? And foremost, did I do my best from my current circumstances? Was I aligned with my intuition? Was I acting out of love? Genuine appreciation, happy, yes, yes yes, yes. 

Your ego is there and will always be, but practice witnessing it, and, if it's all you learn to do, don't believe every word it says! 

With all my love,


Trust there's a meaning even if you can't figure it out

I believe there's a meaning to all things that happen. I also believe that believing is a choice that I've made. Our left brain combined with the ego can really run the show if we let them, so I make conscious choices about what I want to believe and when I've made the choice I get to witness my belief grow. 

A belief is nothing but a thought we keep thinking and we can decide what thoughts we want to feed. It's pretty amazing when you think about it. It means we really do create our own reality. Two people in identical circumstances can witness the world profoundly different, all because of the beliefs they foster. 

This doesn't mean I always easily find the meaning even though I believe it's there. Most of the time I get to connect the dots looking backwards, but sometimes I don't understand. That's okay. That's when I conclude that the simple meaning of what happened could just have been to distract or delay me from something that wasn't meant for me. 

I believe there is a meaning to everything. What do you believe? 

With all my love,


Who's talking?

Are you aware of the voices in your head? Do you know where they originate from? 

I did this exercise with a friend over a weekend a couple of weeks back. We practiced noticing where the voices in our head originated from as we were talking to each other. I could say something and then notice; oh, no, that's not me believing this, that's something I heard from someone growing up. Or, she would say something and then correct herself; nope, this is just something I think someone else expects of me to say/ think/ feel. 

Since then, I've been practicing on my own. Observing my thoughts and questioning their origin and it's been really helpful. 

So often we internalize external dialogues and make them our own without even questioning it. Do I believe this? Is this the right way forward for me? Is this really important to me or to someone else? 

Try it - next time you're having an uncomfortable thought - ask yourself; who's talking? 

With all my love,