Let flow spill over

I think we all have our areas in life where things just flow. We also have areas where we meet resistance over and over again. This is what Jess Lively likes to call "the ego's favorite chew toy". Maybe it's always flowed in your career but you struggle in relationships. Or you've always had flow with money but you can't seem to find balance in your health. 

Don't focus so much on where it doesn't flow. Focus on where it does and try to copy that into the area of resistance. What are you doing in your flow area that you can also do where it's not? You probably don't worry or stress so much as you do where it flows, right? Maybe you feel really grateful for it and therefore creating more and more? What if you would let the flow spill over to where you need it and it would magically start flowing?

Food for thought. Let me know how it works for you! 

With all my love,

It's in connection that we know our soul

I'm all about connecting in, listening and closing our eyes to the world so that we can open them up to our inside world. We need that. But we also need the opposite. Connection out, listening to others and really opening our eyes to the outer world. 

We're meant to connect with others, no human thrives from isolation. Sure, isolation is short periods can be really benefiting to the individual because we get a chance to quiet down, listen in and connect to ourselves. To really know and meet ourselves. But, sometimes we do this better with others. 

The trick is to find the balance. Dare to pause and be with ourselves, to then go out and share what we've learned with others, and listen to their insights. 

Have you found your balance? Connection to yourself and to others? 

With all my love,