What if every thought you think would come true?

I truly believe in the law of attraction and I think science is catching up too. Whatever we focus on grows. It's all energy. We attract what we are, not what we think. And still, we are what we repeatedly do. We do what we repeatedly think. Are you aware of the climate in your own mind? 

What if every thought you think would come true? Would you like the outcome? 

We have around 65 000 thoughts a day and up to 95% of them are the same as yesterday. Most of them are autopilot thoughts and thus low in energy. What we focus on grows. What we don't focus on, like autopilot thoughts, are just, eah. So, just start noticing where your energy goes when you think. What lights you up? What makes you mad? What frustrates you? What excites you? Do you want all of that or do you want to start redirecting some of your high energy thoughts to that which you actually do want manifested in your life? 

Just some food for thought. I'm gonna watch my thoughts today, and refocus when I need to. 

With all my love,