authentic power

My intentions for the fall

I believe intentions are important. When you start with intention you tell yourself and the universe what direction you want to go in. We can’t always control the outcome or decide how things go but we can always do our best and ask for support along the way.

“It is more important to be of pure intention than of perfect action.”
Ilyas Kassam

Intentions are different from goals for me, they’re more a direction and feeling than a fixed place I want to go.

Feeling my core desired feelings has been one of my primary intentions the last few years. This currently means that I reach for faith, joy, alignment, community and authenticity in whatever I do. But I also use intentions as guideposts when going into a new project, when traveling or starting a new relationship.

Intentions need to be flexible, as life flows. But they do need to exist, for you to create the life you want to live, standing in your power. Or as Gary Zukav puts it;

"When we align our thoughts, emotions, and actions with the highest part of ourselves, we are filled with enthusiasm, purpose, and meaning... When the personality comes fully to serve the energy of its soul, that is authentic empowerment."

These are some of my intentions for this season:

I intend to bring love to whatever I’m doing

I intend to always prioritize alignment before action

I intend to be more and more present

I intend to focus on my core desired feelings everyday

What are your intentions?

With all my love,


What Pure Personal Power is to me

We live in a society that is somewhat obsessed with external power. External power is obtained through resources, information or physical force. External power is unevenly spread across the human species. There are only a few people that hold a huge amount of the external power and can use this power to control others. But external power can also easily be taken away from those who possess it. This is not personal power. 

Personal power is authentic power. It exists inside each of us, but is not always fully tapped. Personal power is the internal source of strength that lives inside all of us. When I talk about Pure Personal Power it’s with reference to this internal power that has helped me tremendously on my healing journey. 

It is pure in its form since it derives from the Source. The Source from where we all come and to where we all shall return. Personal power is not depending on external power. Most often people with less external power have found ways to tap their personal power, but not exclusively. There are plenty of people with both external and internal power, and those are the people that use their external power for good. People who work to empower others to find their personal power, and often, as a natural consequence, also their external power. But people that possess personal power don’t necessarily need the external power. External power often works as external validation to those who haven’t connected to their inner strength. External power can easily be taken away from you by someone else or fluctuate over the course of your life. 

The Pure Personal Power that I refer to is the only thing that can give true and lasting satisfaction and freedom. It is the kind of power that you get when you take responsibility for everything in your life. And it provides a strength you might not previously have thought was even in you. 

Pure Personal Power is the true essence of who you are, if you learn to tap into it. If you haven’t yet found it in yourself, I will give the tools to start the exploration. 

Source: Pure Personal Power - tools to collect on a healing journey

With all my love,