See how far you've come!

What goals did you have for your life five years ago that has now become a reality? What dreams did you have for your life growing up? What are all the things you have today that you wished for 10 years ago? 

Remember when you where studying and wished you could go out for lunch without worrying about the money? Or when you where longing for those meaningful relationships that you now have? Where there a time when getting a permanent job was the ultimate goal? Or did you use to long for a symptom free day down the line? 

Whatever you wished for in the past, some dreams will have become a reality in your reality. Are you noticing? Inevitably there will always be things you lack, if you choose to focus on them. But there are more things to be grateful for and appreciative of, always. So many people in this world wish they would have what you have.

Today, celebrate yourself! The things you strive for will still be there, but, for today, see how far you've come! 

With all my love,


When you're bored, do this!

One of my favorite pastimes when I'm bored is to make lists in my head of all the things I'm grateful for. When in line, in a traffic jam, waiting for a friend. Once you get warmed up, you will probably be so fully filled with appreciation for all the awesomeness in your life that you'll be able to take a dip in the awesome gratitude jacuzzi. 

Is there any better way to pass the time? 

Watch where your mind wanders and you might realize why your life is the way it is. Make conscious decisions about where you direct it and you'll create more of the things you're really grateful for. Give it a try! 

With all my love,