Responsibility leads to power leads to strength leads to change

This is the whole beautiful symphony of Pure Personal Power. When you start taking responsibility of your life, thoughts, feelings, actions, reactions and needs you step into your power. You put yourself at the driver’s seat in your own life. From that position you have all the strength you need to do the changes that you need to make. That’s Pure Personal Power.

From the perspective of the driver’s seat you can easier identify what you can change, what you can leave and what you need to accept. You can consciously choose to leave victim mentality and take yourself to a more empowered state.

From the perspective of the driver’s seat you can ask for what you need and drive away from that which no longer serves you. You can build the support in and around you that will help you grow and evolve.

From the perspective of the driver’s seat you can decide when to pull over and take a break to look at the beautiful scenery around you, or to take a nap.

From the perspective of the driver’s seat you can choose when to speed up and when to slow down, where to turn and the next intercross and how many laps you want to take in the roundabout.

Pure Personal Power is no guarantee to a problem-free life. But it is a recipe for more self-agency and a greater impact on your own life. You are empowered to make informed choices and drive your own car. I’m not saying it’s easy. But I do know it’s possible.

How can you get into the driver’s seat of your own life today?

With all my love,


Accept judgement and criticism

Most people don’t really enjoy judgement or criticism. A lot of us are people pleasers that only want others to like us. Which, we also know, is practically impossible. But still we try, to fix, to adjust, to please. All because we don’t want the judgement or criticism.

But what if we could just accept that judgement and criticism is part of life? That it will happen to us whether we fight our whole lives to avoid it or we simply live our lives regardless of what other people might think?

It’s usually the resistance to whatever scares us that ends up hurting us more. Because what we resists persists. Which means, acceptance gives us freedom. Acceptance increases the possibility of the icky feeling moving through faster, and not lingering too long. Also, if we could accept judgement and criticism as part of life endless possibilities open up, we can do whatever we want!

Also, what other people think of you is none of your business, it’s their business. And it usually tells you a lot more about them, and how they’re suffering, than it tells you anything new about you.

Don’t be afraid of people not liking you. Some people just don’t. And they won’t. That’s okay. Focus on the ones that do love you, they deserve all of your attention.

With all of my love,


The art of allowing

So often in our society today we talk about all the things we can't tolerate, behavior that we perceive as intolerable. Sometimes we need to get over it so we decide to tolerate. Tolerating a person or a behavior is a silent resistance. Intolerance is the loud resistance. 

Nothing is right or wrong but I do believe we need to practice the art of allowing also. Allowing requires letting go of resistance altogether. It's surrendering. It's about accepting fully. 

I'm practicing allowing with myself right now. With people that I think "should" live in a different way. With states of the world that I don't agree with. I practice faith, patience and trust as well. It's not always easy but I realize that when I start from that place I can easier sort through the emotions, expectations and messy thoughts and faster get to the core. To what is actually important. To the next right action. From alignment. Not resistance. 

Allow life to unfold. Allow people to be who they are. Allow the world to be as it is. And when it's time for you to get into action, you will now for sure. 

With all my love,

Your intuition is always in alignment

Remember this; your inner being, or intuition, is always in alignment. The reason you're feeling so bad when you're feeling bad is because of the gap between you and your inner being. That's what hurts. 

This is good news. It means that, no matter what, a part of you is always where you want to be. Use this as comfort. 

A first step to close the gap is to let go of resistance to the fact that you feel the gap. Accept where you are. 

Ask your intuition - what do I need to do to get closer to you right now? Don't be surprised if your answers are beyond wise. Don't give up if you get nothing back. Let go of resistance to that too and believe in yourself. You know what you need to do. 

With all my love,


The Holy Instant

When you are totally present in the moment without judgement, worry or fear. 

When completely surrender to your inner guidance system. 

When an ancient hatred becomes a holy love. 

When you release your ego-based thought system and accept your inner guide's loving thought system. 

When you are actively listening to another person without your own agenda. 

When you chose love love fear. 

When you decide to take your hands off from your eyes and realize you're already in the light.

That's the Holy Instant. It's always there for you. But sometimes you will forget. It's okay to forget. Just always get back to truth and choose the Holy Instant. 

With all my love,