HR consultant

Summer blogging

Summer’s here and it feels like a lot of people are running around in a frenzy as if the world will end right after midsummer. I know mine won’t because I just started a new big HR consultancy projects that will run into the beginning of July ;)

I love this time of year, and I also get easily overwhelmed by all of it. Fun things happening all the time, feeling some stress over how to plan a meaningful summer vacation and feeling accomplished with what I’ve done in these first six months of this year. None of which are my real metrics of success, but my mind is really active right now and that’s the KPI’s it’s working under.

Alignment before action, I know. So that’s what I’ll focus on when it comes to my blogging, newsletters and social media the next coming months. If it feels aligned I will write and share, if it don’t I won’t. Usually I produce more when allowing myself to feel into it, but if that won’t be the case that’s okay too.

You always know where to find me, I won’t be too far off the grid. But I also wish for you to get some time off your phone/ computer/ tablets or wherever most of us spend a lot of time these days. Enjoy the people around you, nature and your own company. And remember, your mind is just a tool that you can choose to detach from if you want.

With all my love,

ps. I’ll probably re-launch the online course for one more round over summer vacations, more info about that on my Instagram within shortly!