How can I get my needs met?

If you feel down in any way – ask yourself this: What needs are not being met right now? Then, find a way to get those needs met without the expectation on anyone else to change.

If you’re in a relationship where you don’t feel valued and you get constantly annoyed – maybe you need to find a way to set boundaries, ask for what you want or leave? If you’re overworking and don’t feel appreciated and get sad about this – maybe you need to validate yourself first, find ways to feel this feeling elsewhere or give some constructive feedback to your boss or colleagues? If you’re not getting a creative outlet in your life and you feel frustrated – maybe you need to prioritize your time and make time for a new hobby, or look for some mentors to help inspire you.

It’s all in your hands you know and that’s not so bad, it means you can change whatever needs changing yourself.

With all my love,