Every lost opportunity for connection hurts

I sometimes pull away from social gatherings because I feel drained by them. I’m an ambivert, so I need a balance between extroversion and introversion to thrive. But I’ve realized that what truly drains me in social situations is superficial conversations. You know the ones where you talk about the weather, traffic jams, gossip about other people or complain about everyone else being idiots. Puh, I feel totally empty after an interaction like that. And sad.

I believe we’re here for love. And connection. And even though our souls are all connected we won’t find that with every human. That’s okay. But there are a lot of times when I feel there could be an authentic interaction but the opportunity is missed. Because of fear; of exposing oneself, of not being understood, of being perceived as weird, of vulnerability.

I wanna know how your heart is. I wanna know of a recent struggle and what you learned from it. I wanna know your desires and dreams. I wanna know what you love. I wanna know what solutions you have for challenges in our world. I wanna know you. YOU.

I do believe a lot of people are longing for authenticity and that I’m not alone in this. Whenever I have these kinds of deep conversations I feel it’s well needed and received. One challenge is of course time and space, you wanna be in a space where you can really listen and be present when someone is opening up. So create it. Create the time and space for real connection and gift it to yourself and others.

With all my love,