Moving outside your comfort zone is uncomfortable

This is my experience. Whenever I decide to take another stretch, I encounter discomfort. Make sense of course but this insight has taken on a deeper meaning on me recently.

When we’ve taken a lesson, grown from an experience or made our stretch zone comfort zone again, we think we’ve made it. At least in this area. Thing is, whenever we change the context, the same lesson might very well present itself again. Same confusion, just on a higher level.

Here’s a recent example from my own life. I thought I had learnt enough about dealing with emotions, facing my fears and accepting myself, to be able to function through any transition. I’m not judging myself for this, but, still, there is no there there. I knew that. Still, I got really surprised by my reaction to the transition that I’m currently in. Moving from security, big corporation, longterm plans and a job description. From being a small piece in a big machine, to building my own machine altogether. I didn’t expect it to be so overwhelming. I thought I had it all figured out.

We never do. Not fully. Maybe in this specific context or in a very specific area. But if we’ve chosen a path of expansion, if we choose to keep growing, the same lesson might very well come back around again and again.

Don’t be discouraged. Look at it as a spiral, not a loop. You’re moving up the spiral, same confusion but on a higher level, always expanding and growing. Don’t give up. You’re doing a great job! I won’t give up. I’m doing a great job!

With all my love,