What is really naive?

I’m a spiritual person. That doesn't mean I subscribe to any specific religion, just that I believe. Have faith. Trust in something bigger than myself. Some say it’s naive to believe in something we can’t prove.

I say it’s naive to not believe in something greater than this. Who am I to think that this is it? Where would I get the idea that a small part of a humans brain get to decide whether things are real or not through a process we came up with called science? Why would the earth and the people living here for a short while at a time be the center of the universe and all-knowing? That’s absurd to me.

After all, we’re all just souls using a meat covered skeleton made of stardust on a ball floating through infinite space. Or what are we?

What do you think? Is it naive to believe or is it naive not to?

With all my love,