Changing the channel

In the social media landscape that many of us live in today, it’s easy to get caught up in the drama or start comparing to other people. I just want to remind you; you can change the channel!

You have the remote control, so you decide what channel you want to be on. If you notice yourself always getting stressed out by bad news, actively chose accounts or input where also the good news are spread and shared. If you feel bad about yourself because you’re comparing to someone else’s ”perfect”, invest some energy to finding sources that lift you up.

I’m not talking about hiding out or ”beauty washing” your life. But seriously, most of the time we spend on social media is distraction time, meant for entertainment or just because we’re bored. But is it really lifting you up and improving your life?

I’ve very consciously unfollowed and sorted out un constructive negativity, accounts that trigger my self-loathing or just make me feel sad. And I try to keep my own accounts positive, constructive and loving at Instagram and Facebook You decide if you agree and if what I’m sharing is good for you.

Become the couch commander in your life – change the channel if you need to!

With all my love,