So, I wrote this book...

I wrote this book last year called: Pure Personal Power - tools to collect on a healing journey. I’m really proud about it but I realize I haven’t talked much about it in a while.

It’s the story of my journey of healing and it has 32 tools and countless tips on how you can take the power back of your life and health. I wrote it in English to be inclusive but soon realized that some Swedes felt excluded because they were not comfortable reading in English and so I translated it. The Swedish version will be out very soon and the English version is of course still available.

The translation has been a long time coming but I’m for sure approaching the finish line. I truly hope that it will reach a lot of people because I wrote what I myself needed to read a few years back. Taking back the power over your life is not always easy, but with guidance and inspiration it definitely doable.

Soon, very soon, you’ll be able to order the book in both Swedish and English online. If you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend you stay tuned for updates to come!

Check out the English version here or here.

With all my love,