I don't have it all figured out!

Someone came to me the other day, wanting to learn from me, since they were under the impression that I had it all figured out. Spoiler alert: I don’t! No one does.

I know I said the same to my therapist years ago and she said something that I often repeat to myself and my clients: You teach best what you most have to learn.

Everything I write about here, in my book, on Instagram, LinkedIn or anywhere else, are also reminders to myself. We’re never done. We’re always still learning and growing. When we’re done with that we will be dead. So I prefer it this way. I believe that we come back to similar lessons over and over again but from different levels or perspectives, until we really learn. Like a spiral constantly moving upward.

There are no enlightened people, there are only more and more enlightened moments. We’re always a work in progress. All of us.

With all my love,