Both and more

I heard someone say about pain and fear, that they say hello in a very overwhelming way. They don’t just sneak up on us or tap us on the shoulder. When pain or fear comes to visit they almost drown us out completely. At least temporarily.

That’s okay. You’re okay even if you’re in pain or fear.

But what if there’s more there? What if other things could co-exist with pain or fear? What if there could also be beauty? Or comfort? Or lots of love in the midst of misery?

I recently did a training about healing. I am currently finishing the translation of my book. I do regular blood tests and one of them came out slightly out of the normal and needs to be checked again.

Welcome fear. Welcome pain. You’re here again. That’s okay. We know each other well although we’ve drifted apart in recent years. But I still love you, although I don’t particularly like either of you.

I try to practice what I preach. Being with it. Letting more in. Asking what it wants me to know. And knowing that in this present moment, only love exists. I’m not in a life threatening situation. I am safe. In front of my computer. Writing words of comfort.

With all my love,