Pros and cons of living in an echo chamber

We live in a time and space where we pretty much can adjust our intake of information and impression completely. We decide what we see on social media by who we’re following and not. We decide what news media we subscribe to and what magazines to buy. We decide what people we want to be with and if they’re not geographically close we can find them anywhere in the world online.

The algorithms of the online world then creates an echo chamber where we can comfortably live and get all of our beliefs mirrored back at us all the time.

I decided years ago to try to choose love over fear in every instance in my life. This meant only following accounts that makes me feel good. Not following the news feed that only focuses on fear and wants us to believe that the world is going to shit when it’s not. Only surrounding myself with open and loving people.

I live in an amazing place. A home that I, my mind and the algorithms sustains for me. I choose to see love everywhere everyday, my mind wants to be right so it constantly looks for evidence to my beliefs about the world being love and the algorithms do their thing. Living here also gives me the energy and stamina to work everyday to spread love and strength and hope in the world.

But I do know there’s other chambers where people choose to live their lives. In fear. Sometimes when I expose myself to that worldview I get really scared too. It’s terrifying to believe that evil exists and that the world is getting worse everyday.

I don’t have an answer to this and I don’t think it’s either way. But I do want to keep reflecting on it and I would love to hear your opinion. What echo chamber are you choosing to live in? How does that choice effect your life and the ones around you?

With all my love,