It's never about the situation

In life, we so often strive for things to change. For situations to be different. For our circumstances to be better. But in reality, what really makes a shift in our life quality is never the situation but our thoughts about the situation.

You can have everything you ever dreamt of and still be miserable inside. You can live on the street with nothing and still feel abundance. It’s not about the situation but your response to the situation. You have all the power you will ever need inside of you. And you can train your mind to calm down, you can practice being the witness of your reaction before you act on it. You can choose how you want to react if you free up some space in your mind.

I know I’ve quoted this hundreds of times before, but it’s what I live by:

Between stimulus and response, there is a space, therein lies your freedom.

- Viktor Frankl

Don’t work on so much on the situation being different but your respons to the situation and you will truly step in to your power. You have everything you need, right here.

With all my love,