Following the guidance

The topic of guidance has been a reoccuring theme with my coaching clients recently and I think it’s a very interesting topic. What is it? How do we find it? How do we trust it?

Guidance comes in stillness. It’s not always loud and demanding, it’s very respectful. It’s a still small voice inside that will keep repeating itself without ever forcing you to do anything. It’s really a voiceless voice. It’s always up to you to follow it or not. I believe it communicates differently to all of us. It can be a small nudge in a direction, it can be a feeling urging you to continue or to choose another way, it can be a sign or a person showing up in your life. Whatever it is for you, have you identified your inner guidance? Have you paid it attention enough to get to know it?

The trick with these kinds of things is that it’s very difficult to put into words at all. It’s a knowing, beyond your logical left brain thinking. When you know you know. To get in touch with the knowing you need to be still. And you will never get the full treasure map in one full sweep. You will only get the next right action, and then the next, and then the next. So you need to stop and listen, everyday. This is my daily prayer:

I let go and turn inwards to god, I choose to follow the guidance. 

How do you find and follow your guidance?

With all my love,