Label your stress free zone

Stress is more part of our lifestyle today than not. Do you ever have time for yourself that is completely ”stress free”? We might set aside time to sit down and relax but still we bring our phone and scroll and scroll. Or we set aside time for doing the thing we love but we’re not present there, only worrying about that work project.

I think it’s important in todays day and age to actually label some of our time as ”stress free”. That’s when we consciously decide to be present and aware of what we’re doing. That’s when we focus on one thing at a time, like the breath, or the feeling of another hand in ours, or the taste of the tea.

Create a stress free zone for yourself and label it, just that. Stress free. Set yourself up for success. But don’t stress if you don’t. Just create the space for yourself and do it consciously, every single day. If you make this your practice you will soon notice that it spills over to the rest of your day as well. But for now, just focus on the simple practice of stress freeness.

With all my love,