Don’t victimize yourself

For anyone who will read my new book ”Pure Personal Power – tools to collect on a healing journey”, it will be very obvious what I feel about victimizing yourself. Either everyone is a victim to something, or no one is to anything. I always try to choose the most empowering option. It doesn’t mean that some don’t experience horrible things or that some have a lot more ”bad luck”, but putting on the victim role and staying there won’t get anyone out.

When I did my Rescue diver training this was the first lesson: don’t make yourself a victim while helping someone else. If someone is drowning and you jump in the water without the right equipment or experience, you may very well end up creating two victims in the water, drowning. This is a good metaphor for life. First, we take responsibility for ourselves, we get ourselves to a safe place. Then, we help others.

Empower yourself so you can empower others, that’s the responsible things to do!

With all my love,