Only hurt people hurt people

No one being fully happy in their own self ever gets anything out of being mean to anyone else. Only hurt people do that. And not because it’s the smartest thing to do but rather because pain is scary. So we try to pass it on to someone else to not have to bear it. Not realizing it doesn’t help, and usually just feed the pain even more because hurting others is not pleasant for either party.

I’ve written about this so many times before but I only just realized that this of course goes for ourselves too. The hurt parts of you can hurt you. If you have an inner critic that is super loud, consider how it might be hurting. How could you love that part of yourself even more? How can you show understanding to its inability to do better?

I’m just on a new round of self-love discoveries, coming back to the same lessons I’ve learnt before but from a different perspective, another level, a new angle. And this is what I’ve come up with so far. Love everything. Welcome everything. That’s the only thing that works because what you resist persists so you keep the spiral going. Be with you, lovingly, however you show up today.

With all my love,