You don't have to identify with what happened to you

We live in a time where a lot of us share our stories with the world. Whether it is through social media or in blogs or through our life’s work we share what happened to us and the lessons we learned. It’s all very Joseph Campbells The hero’s journey-like and I love it. But to a certain point.

We’ve all been through trauma. Big or small. We’ve all had tough patches in our lives, whether self-inflicted or by someone else. We love to analyze it. But at a certain point it doesn’t really matter where you got it. It’s yours now. And you can decide whether you want to identify with it or not.

First, I identified as the sick person. Then I started identifying with the one who overcame. Now I’m tired of identification all together. I’ve healed, I’ve overcome, and I screw up all the time. I stumble and I fall and I get hurt. Neither is my identity. I’m new every moment if I choose to.

Who do you want to be today? How can you consolidate and learn from what you’ve been through and let yourself be whoever you feel like being, today?

With all my love,


There's so much to strive for and I'm already there

I started this business with the mission of helping 1 million people reach more of their potential. The number in itself doesn’t mean much to me, because I can’t feel 1 million people, I can only feel one at a time. And I feel one at a time many times a week nowadays.

All the emails, DM’s and comments I still get from being a guest on the Swedish podcast Food Pharmacy (episode 57) the other week: “The interview was so inspiring that I dare to hope again, and I know that I can make a difference in my own life too”. The feedback I got after this talk I did the other day about finding balance in a hectic life: “Thank you for giving me simple tools to increase my everyday life quality”. The coaching clients I see every week that in different ways prove that the work we do together have a great impact on their lives.

This is not about me. It’s about all of them. And looking at each person individually, I see their potential and how they’re showing up for their life more fully. I’m so grateful that I get to be there to witness it happening.

Stil, I’m far from 1 million people. And that’s okay. I will keep going. Everyday in different ways. Stepping into more and more of my potential I know that that act alone is what helps others do the same. There’s so much more I want to do. And I’m already there. Or it’s already here.

What dreams are you still striving for? What have you already accomplished? How can both exist at the same time? Celebrate your accomplishments and dreams fulfilled on your road to more.

With all my love,


A love letter to my body

It’s not always easy to love our body. Most things around us tells us not to.

I’ve had my fair share of ups and down in my relationship to it, and still do. But we grow together nowadays. I know it serves me the best it can. I know now that my body is the only vehicle I have in this world to express myself and experience this life. Deep down I do love my body. We’ve been through a lot together. And, as with all relationships, we still have bad days, and that’s okay. I wrote this love letter to my body.

Dear body,

I love you. I really do.

Thank you for always serving me. Thank you for carrying me through the world. Thank you for always striving to get me back to balance no matter what.

I’m sorry for all the times I’m not listening to you. Forgive me for all the times I’ve treated you like shit. I’m sorry that I sometimes judge you by your looks although I know you are so much more.

I promise I will be loyal to you, as you are to me. I promise I will listen to you and fulfill your needs, as you listen to all my dreams and hopes and do your best to let me experience this life to the fullest. And when I don’t succeed, when I speed to fast, when I fuel you with toxins or don’t give you time to rest, please forgive me.

I love you.

With all my love,


My book baby is out!

Someone said that when a book is delivered to the world, it’s no longer in your hands, therefor you can’t compare it to a baby. Because a baby you gotta take care of for a long, long time. My book don’t need me anymore. It’s ready to fly on its own, and therefor I will let it fly.

Someone else said that if you don’t like sales in particular you can focus on sharing instead. So here I am, sharing with you, that my book is now available for pre-order on my website. You can also download the Opening of the book in either Swedish or English when you sign up for my newsletter.

That’s what I’m sharing with you today.

I would be lying saying I’m not super excited about getting to witness the difference this book can make in people’s lives. If you know of anyone who would benefit of a little hope on their journey, make sure to share it with them too.

Happy. Thank you. More, please!

With all my love,


Life as a writer

Hours and hours of editing. Solving technical issues and creative challenges. Look. Feel. Editing again. Focus time and losing it. Blurry eyes from staring at the written word for hours on end. Procrastination. Giving up and getting at it again. Losing hope and finding inspiration. Creating space and disappearing in other busyness. This journey has not been all shiny roses.

And yet.

Pouring your heart into the page and realizing it lands. Creating something from nothing. Cups of tea in front of the fireplace. Writing in nature, in the sofa, by the desk, in hotel lobbies and on the train. Letting your book baby create her own identity in the world. Knowing that it will make a difference. Watching it make a difference, for someone, somewhere.

It’s like all of life. Paradoxical. Both and much, much more.

I’m so proud of myself for keeping myself accountable and for getting it out into the world. Yesterday I hit publish on my book in Swedish. It’ll be available on Amazon soon and on my website in a few weeks. I’ll be sure to let you know about its unfolding.

But for now, letting it rest. Letting me rest. Hope you let yourself do the same if you need it.

With all my love,


Why I wrote the book

I first got sick when I was 12. Got my first diagnosis at 13. And I thought: I feel really lonely in this. If I ever get out on the other side I’ll write a book about it to help others.

It took many years for the book to be written and it’s not specifically written for teenagers but it’s still the book I was supposed to write. Working through the book again for the translation is making me fall in love with it all over again.

I think one of the reasons why it took me so long to get this book finished was that it was supposed to be a broader book than it originally would have been. This is not a book for only sick people. It’s not for the broken. It’s a book that embraces the wholeness of everyone. It’s a book about hope. A book about life. A book about holistic healing.

I really hope that you’ll like it.

With all my love,


Both and more

I heard someone say about pain and fear, that they say hello in a very overwhelming way. They don’t just sneak up on us or tap us on the shoulder. When pain or fear comes to visit they almost drown us out completely. At least temporarily.

That’s okay. You’re okay even if you’re in pain or fear.

But what if there’s more there? What if other things could co-exist with pain or fear? What if there could also be beauty? Or comfort? Or lots of love in the midst of misery?

I recently did a training about healing. I am currently finishing the translation of my book. I do regular blood tests and one of them came out slightly out of the normal and needs to be checked again.

Welcome fear. Welcome pain. You’re here again. That’s okay. We know each other well although we’ve drifted apart in recent years. But I still love you, although I don’t particularly like either of you.

I try to practice what I preach. Being with it. Letting more in. Asking what it wants me to know. And knowing that in this present moment, only love exists. I’m not in a life threatening situation. I am safe. In front of my computer. Writing words of comfort.

With all my love,


So, I wrote this book...

I wrote this book last year called: Pure Personal Power - tools to collect on a healing journey. I’m really proud about it but I realize I haven’t talked much about it in a while.

It’s the story of my journey of healing and it has 32 tools and countless tips on how you can take the power back of your life and health. I wrote it in English to be inclusive but soon realized that some Swedes felt excluded because they were not comfortable reading in English and so I translated it. The Swedish version will be out very soon and the English version is of course still available.

The translation has been a long time coming but I’m for sure approaching the finish line. I truly hope that it will reach a lot of people because I wrote what I myself needed to read a few years back. Taking back the power over your life is not always easy, but with guidance and inspiration it definitely doable.

Soon, very soon, you’ll be able to order the book in both Swedish and English online. If you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend you stay tuned for updates to come!

Check out the English version here or here.

With all my love,