Listening in

You learning to listen to you is so powerful. You have everything you need inside. Don't wait your whole life to figure that out, just listen to all the ones who's gone before us who tell you that it's true. And here comes the paradox, only you can listen in to you to figure out if listening to you really gives you all the answers. 

I did this exercise with my own coach the other day where she asked me some questions and I wasn't to answer with words but with bodily sensations. Wow! That was powerful. 

When I write letters to my intuition I usually wait and listen, and I honestly can't explain how it happens but all of a sudden I have an answer. And I know when it's my intuition because of how it makes me feel. Also, the wording is different from my intellectual minds language. 

Meditation is probably the most common way of listening in. Not latching on to the mind chatter, but slowing down the pace to hear something else. 

Whatever you do and however you do it, just give it a try, please. And I promise I will continue my practice as well, because I can tell you this much, my mind sure likes to think! 

With all my love,


100% commitment

I heard this somewhere the other day and I haven't really tried it out for myself but it makes sense. So often we say we will try to do something. But at the same time we say we will try we're also implying that we might not actually do. We're not fully committed. At the same time we won't know beforehand if we will succeed. But how much of our success is linked to our commitment in the first place? 

It's easier to commit 100% to something than 99%. Because 99% leave room for doubt, for incessant mind chatter, for ambivalence. 100% leaves room for nothing. 

Say meditation for example. Most people say they want to try meditating every day and see how it feels. So, they try it. Some days it fits in the schedule, some days it doesn't and because the 100% commitment isn't there so much energy is wasted on debating in their mind whether or not today is the day for meditation or not. According to this theory it would be easier to just commit and say I'll do it, just as most of us actually get up in the morning, we brush our teeth and we eat when we're hungry. Just do it. 

I don't know but I will for sure try. I mean, I'm 100% committed to trying :) 

What do you think? 

With all my love,


If time traveling was possible

We all have all the answers we need inside. We very rarely need advice really, we just need to listen in and sometimes help to sort our thoughts to make sense of it all. That's why I think coaching is such an amazing tool. I witness magic with my clients all the time! 

But building on the belief that you do have all your answers inside you, what if you would be able to take advice from an older and wiser version of yourself? Say that your 110 year old self would come back to today and sit down with you for 20 minutes. What do you think you would say to yourself today? What advice would you give? What would you want yourself to know today? 

One day you will be that person, 110 or close to and you will know a lot more than you know today. Will you be wiser for it? What are you currently working on that you think will be perfectly easy for your older self? 

Taking advice from yourself can come in many different forms. Enjoy this small exercise if it intrigues you! 

With all my love,


Deliberate living

This is a recurring theme in my life right now, as so here on the blog. Living deliberately. 

When you focus first on how you want to feel and learn how to create those emotions in your life, you can't fail. If you then act and don't reach the outcome you wanted it really doesn't matter as much because you felt the way you wanted to feel to begin with. Default living, as Jess Lively calls it, is when we act and wait for the outcome to decide how we get to feel and that's when we're always depending on outer circumstances of which we have very little control. 

The added bonus when you live deliberately is that when you first feel the way you want to feel you automatically attract more of what you want. Congrats! 

With all my love,

A stolen check-list for self-love and body confidence

I posted this in my Instagram story the other day but I think it's so important that it's definitely worth being repeated. Danika Brysha is an amazing role model in this society of fat-phobia and body paranoia. Health is not about size. 

  • DON’T follow people on here who make you feel like you aren’t beautiful (like, unfollow them, right now)
  • DON'T read fashion magazines that don’t use a wide variety of body types in their marketing and content
  • DON’T hang out with people who think it’s ok to talk negatively about their own body or anyone else’s body
  • DON’T attach your value as a human to the size of your pants or the number on the scale
  • DON’T have relationships with anybody who thinks that your body size has anything to do with your worth
  • DON’T say that “real women have curves/boobs/body fat/etc”. All women are real women..
  • DON’T wait for your life to start until you "lose/gain the weight"
  • DO practice positive affirmations daily - “I am glowing”, “I am healthy”, “I am light"
  • DO strive only to be the healthiest version of you, not specifically for weight loss or gain
  • DO believe that you are perfect and beautiful exactly as you are… and if this is too hard to do, just fake it until it becomes your truth.
  • DO fill your Instagram feed with a wide range of role models of all different body types
  • DO make healthy lifestyle changes because you know you deserve to thrive, not because you want to change something you hate
  • DO get out into the world and remind everyone that you, in your perfectly flawed body, can do and be and create anything you damn please

You are beautiful! 

With all my love,

Keep your expectations general

I notice that I have a natural attitude of having a positive perspective on the future. I always expect the best. Sure, I might worry about something coming up next week or be nervous about something but in general, I expect all my dreams to come true. I know that's not reality for everyone and I'm so grateful for this attitude. 

However, it creates really high expectations. Sometimes they're not fulfilled. It hurts. Yet, I don't want to lower my expectations because they're so sweet in the meantime. At the same time, it's the gap between expectations and reality that creates unhappiness. These are two of the solutions I've found to this paradox, so far:

  • Be general and more emotional based in your expectations. Don't latch onto details or to what other people should or shouldn't do. Keep it to a feeling and to the things that you yourself can actually do something about. 
  • When the expectations are no longer in the future, but in your present moment, let them go and be with what is, no matter what that might be. 

Do you agree? How do handle expectations that make you trip in the present? 

With all my love,

Your intuition is always in alignment

Remember this; your inner being, or intuition, is always in alignment. The reason you're feeling so bad when you're feeling bad is because of the gap between you and your inner being. That's what hurts. 

This is good news. It means that, no matter what, a part of you is always where you want to be. Use this as comfort. 

A first step to close the gap is to let go of resistance to the fact that you feel the gap. Accept where you are. 

Ask your intuition - what do I need to do to get closer to you right now? Don't be surprised if your answers are beyond wise. Don't give up if you get nothing back. Let go of resistance to that too and believe in yourself. You know what you need to do. 

With all my love,


Here's an experiment for you

If you follow me on social media you know I'm currently doing a wonderful course with Jess Lively. It's all about flowing with intention, law of attraction and alignment. It's life changing in many ways. If you would choose to go down this path, it's a total paradigm shift. 

We're used to wait for things to happen to get to feel what we want to feel. According to the law of attraction (which is also scientifically proven at this point) we need to reverse this order. First, you feel what you want to feel, then things start happening - the things you want that is. Because, you attract what you are. 

For the next couple of days, try this: get into alignment before you do anything. Alignment is basically feeling great. (And, if you're in a rut right now, don't sweat it, be compassionate with yourself and try this another time.) Make sure that the first things you do in the morning are things that you love and that makes you happy. If it means you need to get up a bit earlier to have time for what you love, then go ahead and get to bed earlier. If you can't come up with anything, try a rampage of appreciation, meaning writing out things that you are grateful for (preferably 5 pages of it). 

Watch how your day unfolds when you've taken charge of your initial state. Let me know how it goes!