What would this look like if it were easy?

This question is from Tim Ferriss' new book Tribe of Mentors and I think it's brilliant. Why do we always make things so complicated? What if it were easy? 

Next time you hit a road block in your life, ask yourself some clarifying questions;

  • Why am I doing this in the first place? What's my why? 
  • Are all the steps in this process the best ones? Are there any I could eliminate and still get where I want to go? 
  • Is doing this work helping me feel what I really want to feel today? If not, how can I get to feel what I'm aiming to feel right now, still working towards my goal? 
  • Can I get help with this? 
  • How can I make this more fun? 

We're not meant to strive and force. We're meant to flow. How can you live a little more effortlessly today? 

With all my love,