You teach best what you most have to learn

I write to understand myself. I write to consolidate my insights. I write to share. I write to learn. Whatever I'm sharing in this blog is usually what I'm currently working on or have just recently passed through. After more than five years of doing this I notice a lot of the same themes come back over and over again. That's because I've moved outside of my comfort zone again. I'm stretching and receiving the same lesson again, just on another level in the spiral of ever evolving human experience.

I've dedicated my life to expansion. I think that was a decision made long before I even got here. This blog is a great outlet for me to do that. To challenge, to practice and to test new ideas and theories. My coaching practice is also a great example of this. I often find myself just a couple of steps ahead of any client I may have. Which helps me stay relevant. I don't have everything figured out. If anyone says they do, I wouldn't believe them.

Constant learning. Constant growing. Constant change.

With all my love,