Life as a writer

Hours and hours of editing. Solving technical issues and creative challenges. Look. Feel. Editing again. Focus time and losing it. Blurry eyes from staring at the written word for hours on end. Procrastination. Giving up and getting at it again. Losing hope and finding inspiration. Creating space and disappearing in other busyness. This journey has not been all shiny roses.

And yet.

Pouring your heart into the page and realizing it lands. Creating something from nothing. Cups of tea in front of the fireplace. Writing in nature, in the sofa, by the desk, in hotel lobbies and on the train. Letting your book baby create her own identity in the world. Knowing that it will make a difference. Watching it make a difference, for someone, somewhere.

It’s like all of life. Paradoxical. Both and much, much more.

I’m so proud of myself for keeping myself accountable and for getting it out into the world. Yesterday I hit publish on my book in Swedish. It’ll be available on Amazon soon and on my website in a few weeks. I’ll be sure to let you know about its unfolding.

But for now, letting it rest. Letting me rest. Hope you let yourself do the same if you need it.

With all my love,