How to design a life

As you all know I’ve been doing some major life changes over the last few months and the changes keeps coming as I’m building and designing the life that I want. So, it’s got me thinking about life design. What is it and is it even possible?

Pure Personal Power is about taking responsibility for your life. Being able to respond and finding your power and living more of your unique potential. It’s easy to get caught up in victim mode and all the musts and shoulds that we’ve, more or less consciously, have created for ourselves. And if we want to stay there, that’s fine, we do have the freedom to choose our attitude. 

To me, it gets kind of boring after a while. I’ve decided to live in my pure personal power and with that create the life that I want, everyday. It’s not all big things, you know. It’s also the way you choose to take to work, or the food you like to eat, or the people you want to spend time with. You get to choose. I promise. You can choose whatever, just knowing that some choices might have bigger or smaller consequences, which you might or might not want. That’s also your choice.

I’m very deliberate now. What I spend my time doing. What projects I want to take on. What people I want to invite in my life. What energy I want to surround myself with. It’s all active choices. I’m designing my own life.

Do you believe me or does your mind immediately come up with a thousand and one excuses as to why you don’t have the power? Let’s start a conversation!

With all my love,