The joy of missing out

I’ve spent the last three weeks in beautiful Bali. Writing, creating, experiencing and enjoying life in the sun (and rain ;) ). And it hits me, as always when traveling, there’s so much to do and see in this world. We truly live in an abundant universe. I’ve been feeling the FOMO. What if I’m not making the best out of this workation? What if that event, or that place or that person is what I should do, where I should be or who I should meet? What if I’m missing out?

What is meant for you will never miss you and what misses you was never meant for you.

I recently heard about the opposite of FOMO which is JOMO. The joy of missing out. I really love that. And as a high-sensitive ambivert I really need it on trips like these. There’s so much input all the time, it’s okay to unwind, relax, miss out. I will miss most things in life however I work it. And yet, that which is meant for me will never miss me.

Where in your life could you use a little more JOMO?

With all my love,