The stranger in you

Every new seasons in our life presents us with new perspectives, paths and lessons. It requires us to be childlike, to see things with a beginner’s mind. In a way we’re strangers to ourselves. Our reactions might be new, just as our emotions and thoughts. As we grow we’re getting to know ourselves better, learning more about all the aspects of who we are.

This is not always comfortable. Because we like what’s familiar. That’s why we sometimes create subgroups of humanity of us and them, the others. Because what’s unfamiliar is a stranger to us.

What if we could realize the parallell between the stranger in ourselves and the stranger in others? Maybe we could embrace more of what’s different from us. Be childlike when we encounter the “strange”, use the beginner’s mind.

We’re never truly finished, and we will continue to learn and get to know more aspects of both ourselves, others and life for as long as we live. What if we could always remember this. And just as much, recollect all the things in our life that was once strange and unfamiliar that is now well known and safe. Either everyone is a stranger or no one truly is.

With all my love,  Helena

With all my love,