Flow writing

Did you know my book is out?! You can find it here. It's something I'm really proud of so I hope you like it! 

The subtitle of the book is Tools to collect on a healing journey so a lot of the book is just that, tools. A lot of them are flow writing exercises. 

I love flow writing because it lets the part of me that always wants to achieve things rest for a bit. My flow writing is usually really messy. Sometimes I just write and through it away (or burn if I'm in that kind of mood) but other times I go back and look it through. 

I heard a good indicator of where flow writing tend to go from Tim Ferriss; when you write, get 100% out, when you go back, now that no more than 5% will be worth saving. It's of course not a strict number you have to follow but I think it indicates something important. 

We're so used to always producing quality, useful content for others to see or for ourselves in the future. Letting that notion go once in a while is really useful. So, whenever you feel overwhelmed or confused, go do a brain dump. Knowing it's not for the keeps, it for the dump in itself. 

And, just a side note, if 95% of what comes out is not useful, remember that this might actually be an accurate reflection of your monkey mind in general. 

With all my love,