Both and more

I heard someone say about pain and fear, that they say hello in a very overwhelming way. They don’t just sneak up on us or tap us on the shoulder. When pain or fear comes to visit they almost drown us out completely. At least temporarily.

That’s okay. You’re okay even if you’re in pain or fear.

But what if there’s more there? What if other things could co-exist with pain or fear? What if there could also be beauty? Or comfort? Or lots of love in the midst of misery?

I recently did a training about healing. I am currently finishing the translation of my book. I do regular blood tests and one of them came out slightly out of the normal and needs to be checked again.

Welcome fear. Welcome pain. You’re here again. That’s okay. We know each other well although we’ve drifted apart in recent years. But I still love you, although I don’t particularly like either of you.

I try to practice what I preach. Being with it. Letting more in. Asking what it wants me to know. And knowing that in this present moment, only love exists. I’m not in a life threatening situation. I am safe. In front of my computer. Writing words of comfort.

With all my love,


So, I wrote this book...

I wrote this book last year called: Pure Personal Power - tools to collect on a healing journey. I’m really proud about it but I realize I haven’t talked much about it in a while.

It’s the story of my journey of healing and it has 32 tools and countless tips on how you can take the power back of your life and health. I wrote it in English to be inclusive but soon realized that some Swedes felt excluded because they were not comfortable reading in English and so I translated it. The Swedish version will be out very soon and the English version is of course still available.

The translation has been a long time coming but I’m for sure approaching the finish line. I truly hope that it will reach a lot of people because I wrote what I myself needed to read a few years back. Taking back the power over your life is not always easy, but with guidance and inspiration it definitely doable.

Soon, very soon, you’ll be able to order the book in both Swedish and English online. If you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend you stay tuned for updates to come!

Check out the English version here or here.

With all my love,


Don't go looking for pain

I try to live my life according to the principle of pleasure. It’s difficult because my mind, just as most of ours, has something called the negativity bias. This means it looks for problems and threats, just because that used to be the reason humans would survive in the wild.

We don’t live in the wild anymore and most threats are made up in our minds, although our mind is not smart enough to realize when the threat is made up and when there’s an actual tiger in front of us. So we need to practice. Looking for pleasure instead of looking for pain.

No matter how many problems you have and what you’re struggling with right now, you are not obliged to constantly think about your pain points. It’s not responsible. Responsible is setting aside time for taking appropriate action towards solving your problem, feeling your feelings around the issue, asking for help, but just as much letting it go, staying with the present, giving it space and taking pleasure in life.

You know when you wake up in the morning and you actually feel fine but your mind goes on a hunt for the problem at hand. As if it’s the job of the mind to never lose track of it. Catch it before it finds it. Take charge by filling your mind with the beauty in your life, the moments of bliss, all the things you have to be grateful for. Pain will unfortunately find you, you don’t have to go looking for it.

With all my love,


Accept judgement and criticism

Most people don’t really enjoy judgement or criticism. A lot of us are people pleasers that only want others to like us. Which, we also know, is practically impossible. But still we try, to fix, to adjust, to please. All because we don’t want the judgement or criticism.

But what if we could just accept that judgement and criticism is part of life? That it will happen to us whether we fight our whole lives to avoid it or we simply live our lives regardless of what other people might think?

It’s usually the resistance to whatever scares us that ends up hurting us more. Because what we resists persists. Which means, acceptance gives us freedom. Acceptance increases the possibility of the icky feeling moving through faster, and not lingering too long. Also, if we could accept judgement and criticism as part of life endless possibilities open up, we can do whatever we want!

Also, what other people think of you is none of your business, it’s their business. And it usually tells you a lot more about them, and how they’re suffering, than it tells you anything new about you.

Don’t be afraid of people not liking you. Some people just don’t. And they won’t. That’s okay. Focus on the ones that do love you, they deserve all of your attention.

With all of my love,


What does support look like right now?

I heard one of my favorite mentors, Brene Brown, suggest this question on Marie Forleos podcast the other day.

People (read: me and you) are generally not very good at asking for help. In especially difficult times in our lives it’s also pressure added to come up with, ask for and delegate what we need help with to others. This question is so good to ask because it: 1) states that we are willing to give support 2) we take away the burden of saying yes to help.

Whenever this question is posed it gives an opportunity for the person being asked to go inward and check what is needed right now. It could be whatever; a hug, some space, help with buying food, permission to went, togetherness in silence, some advice, a lift somewhere…

Try it. Next time someone in your life is going through something hard, try simply asking: What does support look like right now? and for the extra ballsy, try asking yourself the same when you’re low. How could you support yourself in this instance?

With all my love,


The blog has moved

Dear friends,

As of yesterday, I’ve started blogging for Best of You. It’s an awesome community for holistic health and happiness and I’m thrilled to help the power lady behind the brand, Henriette, to spread the word about Best of You. Please join me there!

I might be sharing the blog posts here as well eventually, if it makes sense. But for now, that’s where you’ll find me. And of course, Instagram is always the main source for daily tune-ups. See you very soon!

With all my love,


Do it now or later

Some say that all negative energy is around because it’s looking for a resolution. Nothing ever really goes away. Although it can transform. You can deal with it now or later, that’s completely up to you. But know that you can’t hide from your truth. It will stay with you and serve you really well if you face what needs to be faced. That’s all for now.

 With all my love,  Helena

With all my love,


Detachment at it's core

Detachment is not that you should own nothing, but that nothing should own you.

- Bhagvad Gita

Fall is always a period of de-cluttering for me. Cleaning my space to leave space for new things to come in. And by things I don’t mean material things, but rather new people, experiences and opportunities. I love cleaning out my home. Letting go of anything that no longer brings me joy.

I’m not sure this materialistic society we’ve created is benefiting us humans. It’s never ever the things that makes us happy. Although, many people today life as it would. Sacrificing hours and days and years to the chase of getting that thing, earning enough money, becoming the right person, getting that thing. Only to realize that contentment was not to be found there. Some stop chasing at that, some continue for the rest of their lives, thinking that that next thing is what will be the fix. The fix of a broken heart, of lack of self-love, of a disconnected soul.

That’s why I love this quote from Bhagvad Gita. Have all the things in the world if you want but make sure they don’t have you.

 With all my love,  Helena

With all my love,